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Greenting from Vieynam. Faext Hight Quality Medi Solutions is specialised in image editing used in marketing & sales, planning & development, e-commerce, real estate and more I would like to introduce about our team. Web have worked together for about 3 years in the field of graphic design. Now, we have staff with a lot of experience who can take on big projects and Our responsibility in finishing products that’s suitable for requirement.

“In order to offer the highest quality, we have to go with open eyes and ears through the world. We need to know the needs of our customers as well as those of our employees, always have the finger on the pluse of time and welcome new ideas with open arms, That’s how we can develop our full potential.”

We comply with the following repuirements to work together

1.) We speak English fluently.
2.) You are available by E-Mail and Skype.
3.) We are expert in using “photoshop” and “Indesign”.
4.) We acknowledge that all works belong to you and we respect the copyright too.
5.) We confirm that all projects are subjected to nondisclosure.
We are willing to bring clients appreciates value every time.
We are looking to forward to having a good co-operation with you!
Please contact me at any time for more information.