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We are DongQuangGroup

We are DongQuangGroup

Including member companies: Dong Quang Co., Ltd, Eurovision., LTD, Euroteci., LTD, DQ Sky., LTD

  • Media advertisement


  • Ecommerce


  • Production, import-export


  • Cosmetic fashion


  • Digital technology, photo solutions, designs


  • Education, equipment, systems.



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Because we are all about quality and outstanding service

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If you cannot find the right answer, please contact the hotline directly: +84-24.62752488 or email: info@dongquanggroup.vn

DongQuangGroup is for:

1, Production, import-export: Electrical appliances - household appliances, coffee processing 2, Media - Advertising 3, Digital technology, photo solutions, designs 4, Fashion - Cosmetics 5, Electronic commerce 6, Education, equipment, systems.

Where are you located ?

We are from Vietnam

When do your company establish ?

Our company was established in 1993

How many member in your company ?

We have over 100 experienced staffs

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Feel free to move Group new page, we show you all our prizes.

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